Downloading videos with KeepStreams is straightforward. Here are the detailed steps for your reference:

1. Download KeepStreams from the official website and install it on your computer. Both Windows and macOS systems are supported.

2. Open the KeepStreams application. You can browse the available tabs and select the website you want to download videos from. If the website isn't listed, enter the URL directly into the built-in browser on the Home tab.

Two ways to access your desired website

3. If the website requires an account to watch videos, log in using your credentials. If an account isn't needed, you can skip this step.

Log in using your credentials

4. Browse the website for the video you want to download. Once you find it, play the video within KeepStreams.

Browse for the video you want to download

5. When you start playing the video, KeepStreams will begin analyzing it automatically.

KeepStreams is analyzing the video

6. After a few seconds, the analysis will complete, and an output settings window will appear. Here, you can customize your preferences, such as video quality, audio, subtitles, specific episodes, and download schedule.

Customize output settings

7. Once you've configured the settings, click the Download Now button to start downloading immediately. Alternatively, you can click the Add to Queue button to download the video later.

8. While the video is downloading, you can monitor the progress in the Downloading tab.

9. When the download is complete, check the Downloaded tab to find your video. Clicking the folder icon will open the location of the downloaded videos on your computer. You can also change the download location in Settings.

For those who prefer a copy-and-paste download method, visit Copy and Paste URL(s) to Download for more information.

Updated on 2024-06-20
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